Where do I find the Video Answer Solutions?

Video Answer Solutions are a fantastic tool to help students learn how to answer the practice test questions. They can also give students some insight into which types of problems and which strategies they struggle with the most.

Video Answer Solutions will not be immediately available after purchase. When students complete a practice test, they will be given access to that test's Video Answer Solutions. They are located on the answer sheet for each section of the practice test. Please click the camera icon next to the problem for which you would like to see the solution. A video will display one of our instructors solving that specific problem using the strategies and methodologies we teach in the course. 

Here's a short video of how to find them:

Please note: The Video Answer Solutions are not part of the guarantee. No refunds will be given after the use of Video Answer Solutions which shall be based on submitting any section of a practice test on the student dashboard.