How do I earn commissions with the Customer Referral Program?

Prep Expert is happy to offer our customers a commission for referring somebody. Upon purchase, you will receive a unique referral URL you can share with friends, family, or anybody! For each student you bring our way, you will receive a referral commission and they will receive a bonus for just knowing you. 

Here's how it works:

  1. Enroll in a Prep Expert course. You must be a customer to be a part of the Customer Referral Program.
  2. Share your referral URL. You can share this with anybody you know (or don't know!). Share it on social media, create a flyer at school, or email/text it to your friends.
  3. They must click on the URL. This is important! If they don't click on the link, then you will not be credited with referring someone.
  4. Finally, they have to enroll in a course. Duh, right?

For full details about the program's policies and procedures, please click here.