Do I have to do the essays in the course if I'm not taking the essay portion of the official exam?

Yes, essays are a required portion of our course regardless of the student taking the essay/writing section on the official exam. 

Note: On January 19th, 2021, the College Board announced they will be eliminating the essay section on the SAT starting after the June 2021 administration dates. All students enrolled in an SAT Prep Course no longer need to complete the essay section to fulfill the requirements of the course.

We recommend every student take the Writing portion of the official ACT exam for a few reasons:

  1. It can't hurt you.
  2. We provide you with an essay writing template that makes getting a perfect score on that section of the test easy.
  3. Learning how to write a great essay will help you in other areas that are tested in the multiple-choice sections, such as reading analysis, vocabulary, sentence structure, and grammar.
  4. Your student will be writing a ton of essays in college! Learning how to do so will benefit them beyond the ACT.