Can I get help with my homework?

Yes! We can absolutely help with homework! 

Most students know the subjects they need help with or are totally lost and don't know where to start. We can be there to help them! Select up to 2 subjects and one of our amazing tutors.

You will receive a free 1-hour session upon enrollment, to see if this is the right for you.

We know student needs vary so we offer 3 different options to fit your needs. 

  • 4 hours per month | $299 
  • 8 hours per month | $499 
  • UNLIMITED hours per month | $699
Once your student feels they are good to go, you can cancel at any time! 

Homework Help is a monthly subscription and will renew every month, on the date that you enrolled. 

Unused hours do not rollover to the following month.